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Valuable Items Insurance is easy with Jim’s help!

If it’s valuable, we can insure it

So what is Valuable Items Insurance coverage?

Great question!  Valuable items include anything of value, such as jewelry, coin collections, firearm collections, art, musical instruments, antiques, collectible cards, comics, and many more.  If you can collect and it has value, and you want to insure it, we can usually find a market for you.

Get your valueable items insurance done right.

Valuable Items Insurance like jewelry and collectibles quoteYour value items may be some of your most significant assets, and ensuring you have the proper protection in case of a covered loss like theft, fire, or mysterious disappearance is essential. Many valuable items can be insured on a standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Still, once you start insuring multiple items or a collection, you are more likely to research a valuable items policy. These policies are more comprehensive and have specialized coverage options related to the category of the item or collection you are insuring. For example, a jewelry policy may include in-the-value and out-of-value coverage options.

We understand insurance can be confusing, which is why we do not just sell you a policy; we ask questions, listen, educate and provide options that make sense. We work with you to design your valuable items insurance policy, then shop it with all our companies to get you the best price!

All The Bells & Whistles You Want

  • Agreed Value, State Value, Market Value
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • Theft
  • In/Out Vault Coverage
  • Policies tailored to clients
  • Museum on loan coverage

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