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Since 2002, The Safest and Fastest way to quote, buy and print Mexico Auto Insurance in the US and Canada


Quote, Buy, and Print your policy daily, 6-month, or annual Mexico auto insurance online in 5 minutes. Next trip, login and reissue your policy in seconds!

  • Since early 2000 we launched for our clients to conveniently go online to quote, buy and print their Mexico Auto Insurance.  We wanted to ensure they were buying from only highly rated companies that would be there in the event of a loss.
  • There is a lot that can go right and wrong when driving into Mexico, and the best advice Jim (Mexican Insurance Guru) would give is below.
  • Remember you are a guest in Mexico, and US rights do not apply.  Be a good tourist, follow the law, and leave any entitlement behind; it will only get you in trouble.
  • Always carry a copy of your Mexico Auto Insurance policy on paper or your phone.  If you have a claim in Mexico, you must call in from the nearest location, and an adjustor will come to your site.
  • If you get pulled over by the police, and they want money, tell them to take you to the police station, and you will pay for the ticket.  In many cases, they will ask you to go because someone is coming right behind you that will deliver the bribe.
  • When buying Mexico Auto Insurance, always use the fixed deductible and take the MexVisit option that will get you back to the US in case of a bad accident.

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