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Auto Insurance Fraud Undercover Investigation – The Reason Our Auto Insurance Costs So Much

Auto Insurance Fraud Undercover Investigation

Wondering why auto insurance rates are skyrocketing?  Let me introduce to the latest unbelievable auto insurance fraud and scam that was recently uncovered involving a Chiropractor, their receptionist and a Paralegal down the hall!

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I only have one question for you Mr. Hayes (Chiropractic), what in the heck were you thinking defrauding the auto insurance company and believing you would never get caught?  When special people like you commit insurance fraud, it affects the consumers and small businesses trying to make an honest living and having to deal with the increased auto premiums as a result of your auto insurance fraud!  As an independent insurance agent, one of the hardest parts of my job is explaining to clients why rates in the industry go up when they have had no tickets or accidents. Auto Insurance is nothing more than sharing risk and it is the consumer that ends up paying for fraudulent claims and the costs to prosecute people like you and your accomplices!

Now let’s put this in prospectus, think of the percentage of fraudulent auto insurance scams out there not exposed.  Thanks to an alert claims investigator and some great undercover work there is one less insurance fraudster in business.  This is just one or the many reasons auto insurance rates continue to increase year after year and there is no relief in sight.

So how did Mr. Hayes and his accomplices get caught?  If someone was in an accident, and there was no injury, but the person in the accident needed money, they would go see Mr. Hayes and he would coach them on what to tell the insurance company, and then his receptionist would have them sign a check-in sheet with as many as 20 signatures (changing colors of pens), and then send them down the hall to the paralegal that would educate them on how to get lost wages.

Mr. Hayes knew all the right things to tell the person so they could maximize their claim with the insurance company, not to mention the paralegal had lots of experience milking every cent of the lost wages out of auto insurance policies.

This is one of the first ever undercover auto insurance scams caught on video.  Be patient with the two news station’s ad’s as the video is an excellent live view of how stupid and balint the three (Chiropractic, Receptionist, and Paralegal) are in committing auto insurance fraud.  Consumers that went along with the insurance fraud will most likely have issues of their own or hopefully they will cooperate and and avoid legal issues.

The next time you look at your auto insurance rate increase, say thank you to fraud entrepreneurs like Mr. Hayes and his friends, hopefully in jail!

How can we fight auto insurance fraud that is everywhere?  First of all, do not be a part of it and report the person to the department of insurance, and your insurance company.  Insurance companies are spending a lot of money to fight fraud, and you and I end up paying for with higher auto insurance premiums.

Auto Insurance Scams and Fraud are just one part of the equation, what other factors do you think cause higher auto insurance rates when your getting quotes?