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Like Kind and Quality, That Is What You Get With Standard Auto Insurance Policies!

Like Kind And Quality Parts For  Car Insurance ClaimHave your read your auto insurance policy or asked your agent about the types of parts that will be used on your vehicle in the event of an accident?  Do you think it is different between insurance companies? Do you research insurance companies by watching commercials on how one company will give you new parts…  Blah, Blah, Blah… READ THE FINE PRINT and be an informed consumer, nothing in life is free!

So What Is The Truth And How Do You Get New Parts?

If you start to read a lot of auto insurance policies, you will notice that many of them have very similar ISO Standard definitions and policy language.  What makes each insurance company unique is how they handle claims in the first year of a vehicles life, and the endorsements they offer that give you additional options.  Let’s face it, some people do not care, while others with a nice expensive car wants new parts instead of a refurbished door off a wrecked car.

Insurance policies by default say that they will you will get “Like Kind and Quality Parts“, so do not expect anything different as auto insurance claims departments can not arbitrarily make exceptions for you, they must follow the language of the auto insurance policy as filed with each states Department Of Insurance.  Can you imagine the class action lawsuits if insurance companies played favorites!

Farmers Insurance Agent Jim KreismanFarmers Insurance known for their great agents, like Jim Kreisman in Scottsdale, Arizona, and innovative thinking released their Smart Auto Policy in Arizona in October of 2015 and started offering an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) on the repair of vehicles in the event of an accident!   What does that mean?  That mean if you purchase the endorsement on your auto insurance policy, in the event of an accident, you should be able to get OEM parts for the car repair instead of Like Kind And Quality Parts!

There are many other insurance strategies your insurance agent should be sharing with you if you have a high end car to insure, make sure you are getting right coverage for the best price.  Read my article on “Secrets On How To Get OEM Glass” for your car.

So let me close by saying, Auto Insurance TV Commercial can be like all the Drug Commercials, read the fine print closely to avoid ugly side affects! Talk to your agent, or call my office if you are in Arizona or California at 480-491-637-5555 to get the coverage you want for your car.

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