Don’t Drive Drunk During The Holidays (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

Don’t Drive Drunk During The Holidays (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

Monday 12-13-2010 6:03am MT


Every holiday season, many Americans are killed in drunk driving crashes, and it seems that collectively we never learn the lesson.  Here at the Sharpe In The Morning program, we offer this film in the hopes that it will influence even one person to make the right decision to NOT drive drunk.  This is not like the milquetoast PG-rated "do not text while driving" films that you’ve seen, so please do not share it with children.  This is an extremely graphic, extremely emotional film that would probably receive an R rating.  It is not easy to watch, and it may very well leave you in tears.  But it’s important.  Please watch it and please tell your friends about it and get them to watch it too.  If posting this film saves even one life during the holidays this year, we will have achieved our goal.

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