Winning Your Insurance Claim Secrets Video

Winning your insurance claim is a matter following the Golden Rule!

Insurance adjusters have a very stressful job and are most likely working on 15+ claims at any given point.  The key to remember is they would rather pay out on a claim than have to deal with the fallout of a decline.  Many people think that claims adjustors come up with arbitrary decisions, which is nonsense.  Claims adjustors follow the language in the policy to determine if there is coverage or not.  Sometimes there can be disagreements in the interpretation of the policy between a policy holder and adjustor, but the secret is to consult the agent and not get upset at the claims adjustor which is possibly the biggest mistake a policy holder could make.  Watch the video presented by Jim Kreisman and learn more about winning your insurance claim.

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Legal Disclaimer: Always make sure to check with your insurance agent, insurance company or department of insurance as the information in this video for your state may be different.