What’s Not In A Standard Home Insurance Policy

What’s Not Included In A Standard Home Insurance Policy You Need To Know

Homeowner’s insurance protection gives you important defense against misfortunes and accidents, including fire damage, accidents on your property, identity fraud and much more.  These protective coverage’s could help you save substantial amounts of money after a traumatic event occurs, generally there are several exclusions to most homeowners policies you ought to know about.

Exclusion simply means that there are particular sorts of damage or places that aren’t covered.  General exclusions in most property owner’s insurance policies include earthquakes, mold, flooding and backup of sewers or drains.  If any of these risk factors are something that you want to protect against, make sure you ask about these add-ons so that your agent can supply you with more information regarding each extra area.

Along with exclusions, it’s equally important to note that in many insurance policies there may be special limits on certain items, including items that generally will need to have an appraisal, like jewelry, guns, furs, fine arts, and antiques.  So, if you’ve got some of these valuables at your residence, make sure you inquire about which coverage’s you would need to know that that your very own property is fully insured.

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* Disclaimer – Please check with your insurance agent as coverages are different between states and insurance companies.

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