Insurance Floater – How To Protect Treasured Possessions

Insurance Floater FAQs You Need To Know

Here are Insurance Floater FAQs on everything you need to know about home, condo and renters insurance policy floaters for jewelry, guns, fine arts, rugs, silverware, coins, comic books, sports cards… in Arizona or California. A floater in some cases adds additional coverage for the following.

  • Theft
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • Damage

Even as your homeowners, condominium or apartment renters insurance does provide insurance for your personal possessions, there is a good possibility you own certain items of real or emotional value that may require more coverage.

Farmers Insurance offers what are called ‘Floaters’. These are economical endorsements that are added to existing property insurance policies that can provide additional protection for special belongings. Almost everybody has valuable assets that might make a floater a prudent idea, for example, do you own expensive jewelry, fine art, antiques, furs or collectables of any kind? These are exactly the types of personal property that floaters are created to protect.

A floater is an inexpensive add-on to your established policy that is intended so that the complete value of your assets can be replaced in the event of theft, loss or damage. Farmers Insurance has plenty of options so you can choose just the insurance that’s right for you. If you are a home or condo owner or a renter, a floater can provide valuable protection for your most treasured assets.

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* Disclaimer – Please check with your insurance agent as coverages are different between states and insurance companies.

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