The Importance Of A Home Inventory Checklist

The The Importance Of A Home Inventory Checklist Before It Is Too Late

Setting up your own home inventory list probably isn’t on top of your long list of things to do being a homeowner. However, just in case your residence becomes damaged or destroyed from a fire, windstorm, flood, theft or other catastrophe, a home inventory list will probably be one of your greatest assets.

So, what is a home inventory list? Well, it really is just a detailed list of all the contents within your home. In the event that disaster strikes, this list just might help you remember all your personal property so that you can report your losses when filing an insurance claim. To help you in building a list, you can go to the link below this article to download a Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Checklist PDF file that includes most common household items. It’s also is critical for you to think about some common sense suggestions when generating your home inventory list.

First, you want to make sure to catalog every article of value in your residence and include serial numbers of items when possible. Next, you want to think about constantly adding to your home inventory as you buy new items, and although not required, consider using your cell phone or digital camera to take photographs of household items. This important documentation can really help out later. Lastly, don’t fail to remember to store your list in a safe place. You can even scan a copy of it and email it to yourself, or you can request a neighbor or a relative to hold your list for you. Another option is to store it in a safety deposit box or even make a confidential online video at or other secure service.

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* Disclaimer – Please check with your insurance agent as coverages are different between states and insurance companies.

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