EFT And Paperless Billing – FAQS Benefits Of Enrolling

At Farmers, we want to make it easy so that you can know your all your options and you can get the most out of your policies and that’s why we are providing this information on EFT and Paperless Billing.  Taking a quick look at your account, we noticed an effective way you may save some money, simplify time and avoid wasting trees in the process.  Sounds really good, right?

EFT And Paperless Billing – FAQS Benefits Of Enrolling Today

Well, you will only have to complete a few steps.  The very first thing you’ll want to do is to join our electronic funds transfer, or EFT.  Signing up for EFT means that we will automatically be debiting your premium out of your account month after month to pay your bill.  Getting set up, it is real easy.  We just need your routing number and account number to have things started on EFT and Paperless Billing.  The simplest way to find your routing number is to locate your checks.  At the bottom of your respective check you will note three sets of numbers.  The first group will be your banks routing number and part 2 is your account number.  After you’ve located these, just give us a call with this information, or once you choose, you may also send this information via email.  Next, we’ll send you an EFT authorization form that you just sign, from there you’ll be geared up for automatic payments.

The next task is to sign up for paperless billing.  Because of this each and every month, other than obtaining your bill and account summary information in the mail, we’ll send you an email instead.  To join paperless billing, you’ll have to create a Farmers.com account.  To do this, we’ll proceed to Farmers.com and enter your username and password in this type, and also as a reminder, the password you have created will be a minimum of eight characters comprising a number.  As soon as you’re logged in you will see your policy summary information and you will want to click on the green button that says? Pay My Bill?  For this account summary page, you’ll want to check out the paperless billing option here in the right hand margin.  Next, you’ll come to the screen that shows your email and paper bill options.  First in the page, you’ll notice the section where one can change your email address.  While it’s a good suggestion for those policy holders to have a present e-mail address on file, it is particularly important when you might be decided upon paperless billing because once you are enrolled, this is the how you’ll receive your statements from Farmers.  So to sign up for paperless billing, click this button, and then click on the submit button at the base of the page.  Now you will stop receiving paper statements in the mail.

Next, you have options on which notifications you would like to receive from Farmers and you can go down the list to administer, which notifications you would like to obtain via email from Farmers.  Once you select them, you’ll need to confirm your selection by clicking on the Submit button. On the lower end of the page after which you’ll get a confirmation that shows your email options have been applied and you are good to go.

So that’s it.  Subscribing to EFT and Paperless Billing is a painless method for you to avoid monthly service fees, simplify of all time and help mother earth within the process.  We hope this information has assisted you to raised understand how to enroll in electronic funds transfer and paperless billing.

If you are in Arizona or California and have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 480-637-5555.

* Disclaimer – Please check with your insurance agent as coverages are different between states and insurance companies.

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