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Jim's Insurance University

Insurance Agent Versus 800#

Personal Insurance Agent – Why Not Just An 800#?

Life Events

Getting A Divorce – Avoid A Critical Insurance Mistake (blog post coming soon…)

Auto Insurance

Liability Coverage Amount – How Much Is Enough?
Liability Only or Full Coverage Auto Insurance FAQs
How To Get Out Of A Ticket As A Client Of Farmers Insurance Agent Jim Kreisman
What To Do After An Auto Accident
Do You Need To Take The Extra Rental Car Coverage
Are Motorcycles Covered By Autos Insurance Policies FAQs (blog post coming soon)
How to Cancel Insurance On A Disabled or Totaled Car (blog post coming soon)
Why You Take Insurance Companies Towing Coverage And Dump That Other Big Company (blog post coming soon)
How To Insure A Stored Vehicle (blog post coming soon)
Full coverage Auto Insurance Or Liability Only Car Insurance (blog post coming soon)
How To Property Insure a U-Haul, Ryder Or Other Rental Truck – You May Not Be Covered (blog post coming soon)
Insurance Claim Using Your Personal Auto For Business (blog post coming soon)
Non Owned Auto Insurance – What Is It And Do I Need It (blog post coming soon)
Uber and Lyft Driver Insurance – Does My Car Insurance Cover Me (blog post coming soon)


Classic Car Insurance

How To Insurance A Classic Car For Stated Value And Other Important Information (blog post coming soon)

Home Insurance

Home Insurance FAQs
Home Inventory Checklist
Home Insurance Actual Cash Value Or Replacement Cost (blog post coming soon)
How Home Replacement Cost Verses Market Value Works (blog post coming soon)
Vacant or Fixer Upper and Flip Home Insurance Not Covered
How To Protect Your Stuff Before The Fire, Theft, Or Water Loss (blog post coming soon)
What’s Not In A Standard Home Insurance Policy (new FAQ page coming soon)
After A Theft Or Fire how do I Get Paid For My Stuff (post coming soon)
Do I Need Storage Unit Coverage If I Have Homeowners Insurance (post coming soon)

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance Policy Coverages FAQs
How To Insurance A Condo or Townhouse and Avoid Costly Mistakes (blog post coming soon)

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance  Policy FAQs (blog post coming soon)

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance Policy Coverage’s FAQs

Umbrella Insurance

Do I Need A Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy (new FAQ page coming soon)
Umbrella Policy FAQs – My Agent Is Telling Me I Need One (blog post coming soon)

Boat, Motorcycle, and RV Insurance

Boat, Motorcycle,  RV Insurance – Do You Need It?

Life Insurance

How To Avoid a Critical Insurance Mistake During A Divorce (blog post coming soon)

Insurance Claims

Secrets To Winning Your Insurance Claim
When Is A Home Water Insurance Claim Covered (blog post coming soon)

Insurance Billing

EFT And Paperless Billing – FAQS Benefits Of Enrolling

Insurance Endorsements

What Is An Insurance Endorsement
Teenage Driver Insurance FAQs
Insurance Floater – How To Protect Treasured Possessions
Personal Article Floater – Hot to Protect Personal Property (blog post coming soon)
Insurance Appraisals Jewelry FAQs (blog post coming soon)
How Your Insurance Jewelry Appraisal Is Costing You Extra Money (new posting coming soon)

Insurance Services

Farmers Friendly Review FAQs

Insurance Discounts

Farmers Insurance Discounts FAQS

Identity Theft

Identity Theft – How To Protect Yourself Guerrilla Style
Is Your Insurance Agent, Doctor, and Dentist Are Putting You Information At Risk (blog post coming soon)